There is nothing more honorable or satisfying than helping another in need.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteer for:

Child Development Division

We need your help to make our child care program as enriching and exciting as possible. Adults over 18 can volunteer in our childcare centers in a number of ways.

Please call our Child Development Division at (831) 454-9920.

Volunteer with Children:

  • Read books
  • Tell stories
  • Sing songs
  • Do crafts
  • Tell a story with puppets
  • Set up a project
  • Supervise a project
  • Cook with a small group
  • Sculpt with clay
  • Plant flowers
  • Lead a simple wood or carpentry project
  • Take photographs

Volunteer with Teachers:

  • Provide training
  • Organize children's library
  • Set up helpful systems
  • Make things we need in the classroom
  • Make labels for classroom
  • Take video of the children to use as teacher training
  • Set up computer training

Volunteer with our Director:

  • Help find community donations
  • Translate written materials
  • Write a grant
  • Organize a community visit to program such as Fire or Police Department


We also are in need of volunteers to offer activities. Someone who paints; plays a musical instrument; is in a band and would be willing to play for the participants; or does a craft that they are willing to teach.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Elderday at (831) 458-3481.

Familia Center/Beach Flats Community Center

Volunteering opportunities are available with our youth and food distribution programs. Volunteers of all ages are encouraged to apply, it is not necessary that you speak Spanish.

Food Distribution

Help is needed in preparing bags for distribution on the day before the distribution and packaging rice and beans. Please contact Edgar Landeros at or call 831-423-5747 ext. 15 for food distribution volunteer opportunities.

After School Homework Club

Afternoon home work assistance is provided for youth in grades 5th through 8th grade.

Teen Home Work Club

Evening Home Work Club for 9th, 10th and 11th grades meets Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6-8:00 pm.

Volunteer requirements for the youth programs:

For volunteer opportunities with youth, please contact Erika Lomeli or Yolanda Henry or call 831-423-5747 ext. 12.

If you are interested at volunteering at Familia Center, please call 831-423-5747.

La Manzana Community Resources

We welcome and encourage volunteers of all ages, talents, and abilities. Volunteer opportunities include:

For more information, please call La Manzana Community Resources at (831) 724-2997

Meals on Wheels

We have several ways you can volunteer at Meals on Wheels. You can help with the home-delivered meals, dining sites, or businesses can partner with us in the "Let's Do Lunch" program.

To volunteer, please call Meals on Wheels at (831) 464-3180 ext. 104


We welcome volunteers to help us in our fundraising efforts. If you have a background or interest in writing and public relations, we could use your help!

Volunteer opportunities include:

For more information, please call the Philanthropy Department at (831) 688-8840 ext 203.

All of our programs are always looking for volunteers.

For more information or for questions, please call


or email


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