A Family of Programs Making a Difference!

Our Mission

Community Bridges is committed to strengthening our diverse community through innovative human services.

Building Bridges -- Eliminating Barriers

Since 1977, Community Bridges been weaving the safety net for Santa Cruz County and beyond, helping make our community stronger, healthier, and more vibrant.

We reach over 27,000 Santa Cruz area residents each year! That’s one out of every ten people, maybe someone on your block or in your family.

Our Family of Programs not only meets the needs of local children, families, and seniors, but with over 27,000 participants each year, we are also able to anticipate emerging needs and find collaborative solutions to issues such as closing the academic achievement gap, supporting seniors to live with independence and dignity, preventing child abuse through parent support and education, and increasing access to medical care.

93 cents of every dollar goes to direct services

"We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world; with the incredible redwood forests, marine sanctuary, and thriving farmlands it truly is paradise. However, even in paradise, there are people who struggle with having enough healthy food to eat, struggle with aging and isolation, struggle with raising their children, struggle with access to medical care, and with the other challenges that life can throw at us. That's where Community Bridges helps.

We work with families, children, and seniors of all backgrounds, everyday, helping to weave the safety net -- making sure that no one has to hit the absolute bottom and, thereby, improving the quality of life for all of us. If we all work together to direct our ample resources for good, we truly can make this a paradise for all. Please join us in that vision."

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